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Our technology drives us forward.

Our quality and consistency of service is underpinned by our belief and investment in the best technology. These solutions, which were built in-house, are unparalleled in the industry and allow for rapid and the highest quality of brokerage management services. Whether it’s specific customer management requirements, automation of risk management and compliance, rating suppliers, EDI, or automated tracking and reporting of freight, Mid America Logistics reduces the chance of failure at every point. This in turn makes for a seamless, high-quality, and easy experience that is felt within and outside of Mid America Logistics.

Using our core technical skill set, we also offer solutions for shippers in the form of TMS and tracking/reporting solutions, which give real-time location tracking and temperatures, including alerting. Our desktop and mobile apps are free of charge to Mid America customers and those working independently of Mid America.

Our technology is user-friendly. It doesn’t allow for mistakes. Keeping with the theme of Mid America Logistics – it is easy!

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