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About Us. Why Mid America Logistics.

Mid America Logistics is the fastest growing, full-service, smart, logistics company driving the best people and best technology with a dedicated passion for service.

Easiest business to do business with.



To deliver transportation solutions that are sustained through talented human capital, proprietary technology, teamwork and transparency.


Streamline the logistics industry by creating financial stability and consistency through reinventing relationships and experiences. Achieve long-term growth and success for all partners within the supply chain while minimizing environmental impact.


Let’s say you have a load of blueberries that needs to be delivered to a grocery store chain. What happens if your load doesn’t show up? Not only will your customers lose out on a product that they’ve purchased and expected to show up, but also the people who come to the grocery store to purchase those same blueberries will walk out empty-handed. This means less money in your customer’s pocket and a blow to your reputation as a shipper.

With MidAmerica Logistics, you will never have to worry about that scenario from happening. We pride ourselves in getting everything done right every single time. That’s because we fully understand the cold chain life cycle and the devastating financial effect that a missed or delayed load can cause both to you and your customers. This has driven us to develop a plethora of technologies that can ensure that your load is climate-controlled and arrives at the intended destination on time, making us the best and the easiest to do business with.

We have taken the industry’s best practices in every aspect of what we do and have made it even better through hiring and training the best talent, designing and building our own technical solutions and constantly refining operating processes.

Our Culture

Whether you are our customer or part of our team, the experience is the same. Mid America Logistics is a fun, exciting place to work and do business with. Our team is comprised of driven, focused, fun people who work hard to get the job done right every time. The harder you work in this challenging, fast-paced environment, the more you will be rewarded. If you enjoy working with quick thinkers who are intricate and driven by success, then you’re going to have fun working with us.img_0778

Our Team & Values

Our corporate values rein in everything we do; Mid America Logistics is:


Everyone is there for everyone else’s success. There are no individuals at Mid America Logistics. How we work together and play together – after hours included – keeps us on the same page constantly. It is a collective effort. If you succeed, we all succeed.


We are where we are today because of a vision years ago. Mid America Logistics was the goal from day one. Everything we do has a purpose. From the people we hire to the people whom we partner with – both customers and carriers – everything is done to show you just how easy it is to work with us.


Our drive and determination is what sets us apart from the rest. We are driven by success. If you are not tenacious, you may not fit in at Mid America Logistics.


We are quick to adjust to needs, whether it’s for the customer or for our employees. You bring it to us, and we will get it done for you.


You will always get an honest answer from Mid America Logistics. We pride ourselves in making every interaction honest, transparent, and easy.

At Mid America Logistics, we offer a fun and exciting culture that makes people want to work and do business with us.

It’s easy here. Period.